Our Corporate Practice Group comprises a team of lawyers with diverse specialties and extensive expertise in different areas of law, led by the partners Manuel José Vial V., Nicolás Tagle, Guillermo Mackenna and Andrés del Valle.

Our long-standing trajectory in providing corporate legal advice dates back to the creation of the firm Vial y Palma in 1937, which remained unchanged for generations until today with the new firm Grupo Vial Abogados.

We are driven to build trusting ties with our clients as a way to achieve long-term relationships.

We strive to provide personalized advice promptly and tailored to each client’s needs. We know how to pinpoint the essence of any matter and recognize the need to resort to other areas of law that can contribute to an overarching solution of the matter.

Grupo Vial Abogados has expertise and knowledge in matters that cover the entire course and evolution of a company, such as the creation and organization of different company structures, shareholders agreements, hiring processes and procurement, financing, complex negotiations, mergers and acquisitions. The foregoing, combined with a practical approach, is applied to the specific reality of each corporate area and industry.

The national and international experience we have developed through the years has allowed us to render our advice to domestic companies and businesses that have expanded their activities and presence outside of Chile. We are also able to provide comprehensive advice and services to foreign companies and investors seeking to develop and/or invest in businesses in Chile. We work in tandem with a wide network of foreign law firms on a regular basis, allowing us to offer our clients far-reaching and reliable advice.

We also advise our clients on ESG matters with a particular analysis associated with their business and industry, both in compliance with current regulations and in the identification, analysis and management of regulatory risks that affect the company and the development of sustainability strategies.

Currently, we are presently advising domestic and foreign companies from different areas, including the agricultural, real estate, industrial, food & beverage, energy, transport, sport, corporate governance, hospitality and tourism sectors.