New helmsman of the Good Practices Committee and its hard diagnosis: there is an ethical problem […]

Lisandro Serrano addresses the case of brokerage operations for VIP clients and states that they are questionable, but not illegal. He anticipates that it will culminate soon with possible sanctions and refers to the eventual use of privileged information in CGE.

Lisandro Serrano Spoerer, lawyer and study partner Vial Serrano, director of Santander and, since last Wednesday, May 19, new president of the Good Practices Committee of the Santiago Stock Exchange. That day was ratified by the other directors, succeeding Enrique Barros.

In his office in the North Forest, a conversation opens of the cases that the Committee investigates and of his vision on what has happened in recent years in the stock market, where a severe questioning has been installed at the ethical level with which they work executives and entrepreneurs in the local stock market.

It does not escape the questions and recognizes that there is a structural problem of training of those who operate in the market, which causes many – not all – are not accustomed to respecting the rules. Rules that are expected to change in the coming months, when the self-regulation proposal on conflicts of interest is approved by the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS). […]

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