Employment & Labor

Our Employment & Labor Practice Group maintains a direct and close relationship with our clients, becoming involved in a company’s operation as another team member, incessantly going over every detail and working on a daily basis with the company’s different corporate levels and areas.

We know that when it comes to Employment & Labor Law-related matters, prevention is the best possible solution. This is why we are available full-time, which helps us to minimize any risks of conflict. However, if a dispute should arise in spite of this preventive strategy and an out-of-court resolution is not possible, our specialized professionals provide the best defense of our clients’ interests.

We aid in strategically managing human resources and complying with labor and safety regulations. We have extensive experience in different industries and in issues such as workforce restructuring, collective bargaining, corporate reorganizations, and occupational risk prevention, among others.

We are noted for our unwavering commitment, our knowledge and in-depth study of regulations, the preparation and expertise of our professionals, the quality of our services, and our proven track record as negotiators.