Bankruptcy & Reorganization

Our Bankruptcy & Reorganization Practice Group is renowned for its comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, bringing on board lawyers from the Corporate and Dispute Resolution practice groups. This allows us to offer a broader and more creative outlook and enables us to provide a solid solution to our clients’ problems, in addition to a sturdy defense of their interests.

Regarding Reorganizations and Liquidations, our firm has extensive and recognized experience in bankruptcy reorganizations and liquidations, having successfully participated in various processes both on behalf of debtors and creditors in the most diverse industries, such as the food, construction, electricity, aeronautics, financial, personal care, mining, pharmaceutical, and retail sectors, among others.

As a team, we feel we have a responsibility to pass on our experience and knowledge to the younger generations. This is why two members of our firm lecture in prestigious Chilean universities on bankruptcy law-related matters.

Our Bankruptcy & Reorganization Practice Group has thus positioned itself as a leading reference in the market.